Maryland State Health Improvement Process (SHIP)

Maryland's State Health Improvement Process (SHIP) seeks to provide a framework for accountability, local action, and public engagement to advance the health of Maryland residents. The SHIP measures represent what it means for Maryland to be healthy. This is illustrated through a dashboard that captures data for 39 health-related measures. The focus areas of SHIP include: Health Beginnings, Health Living, Health Communities, Access to Health Care and Quality Preventative Care. 

SHIP data primarily supports the development and strategic direction of Local Health Improvement Coalitions. These coalitions are groups of jurisdictional-level stakeholders. Each LHIC sets public health priorities for their respective communities. LHICs address these health priorities through programs, policies, and coordinated efforts with programmatic, data, and infrastructure support from the state and county.

Each measure has a data source and a target, and where possible, can be assessed at the county level by visiting